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Feb 2015 To all FinRisk’ers – 新年快乐!年年有余!

February 18, 2015

CNY2015 FinRisk

For those who might not know, the Lunar New Year (Feb 19) is celebrated by many in Asia, and a really big deal over there – China, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and many others.  Many in Asia would have already gathered together for the traditional family reunion (on the eve of the Lunar New Year).  The experience is much like Thanksgiving here in the US.  And for the next few days and weeks, many will actually literally shutdown their businesses to celebrate, and even financial markets for Asia will likely see very low volumes…unless of course, if there are major market moves.

For all at FinRisk, it is also a time to remember that while we work hard to deliver the best, time with family members and friends is also equally important, if not more so.  In this fast moving world, where digital economies have driven almost everything to move at lightning speed, we sometimes forget that our place in the world is not to be driven like machines, but have a soul and a kindred spirit.  These drive beliefs, integrity and everything we work for, and are the key underpinnings of a strong ethics and governance system that the world’s economies badly need.  When we are more real and sincere in how we interact and engage with others, our work as risk and governance professionals will be done with even greater conviction.

For 2015, the world will continue to be in a state of flux, and many of these changes will necessitate that we provide proper guidance to steer businesses and operations towards a higher goal of responsibility not just towards all stakeholders but also the society at large.  Indeed, the intended effects of many of the past and ongoing legislative and regulatory changes in our industry are to shape things along this direction.  May this (Lunar) New Year give many of us opportunities to continue to press on, with a soul and clear conscience in doing all the right things well.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Chair, The Financial Risk Institute (FinRisk)

Steven Lee

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