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March 2015 – Save-the-date: Upcoming Event on Cyber Threat Governance & Oversight – Singapore

March 20, 2015



“Oversight and Management of Cyber Threats

and Security Concerns”


We are living in an exciting times: digital technologies, mobile devices, cloud computing, big data analytics, and social media have brought about immense benefits and opportunities to corporations as well as individuals; however, there is also a “dark side” to these exciting technology developments, such as snooping, theft, interference, disruption and even destruction. This event will discuss the significant leadership challenges that senior executives and board members need to exercise to manage these emerging risks for their organizations.

Cybersecurity threats are no longer trivial, and significant financial loss, business disruption and negative publicity to the reputation of a corporation are occurring across the globe at an alarming rate. Regulators and consumers are rightfully concerned. Lasting damage can critically destroy significant value built over the years, including reputational harm, litigation, and potential liability for failing to implement adequate steps to protect the company and its’ customers. More recently, we have seen the emergence of derivative lawsuits brought against companies, their executives, and Directors experiencing an attack.

Best practice corporate governance dictates that the Board of Directors is responsible for the management of all risks within a company and accountable for setting the “tone at the top” or risk appetite. Accordingly, Directors need to start asking critical questions: whether their company is appropriately assessing cyber-risk issues and devoting adequate resources to prevent attacks. Directors are not expected to be experts in cyber-risk and cybersecurity; however, they are responsible for ensuring the necessary framework is in place. So what are the challenges senior executives and directors face in fulfilling these responsibilities?

Join us as we invite key representatives from the industry, current and former regulators, bankers, academia, consultants to discuss and share insights on this important topic of governance of corporate cyber threats and security concerns.

Please check our Events page for more details.

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