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Young Professionals Journal – Volume I, 2014

2014 March - Volume 1 Young Professionals Journal

Since the initial conception of The Financial Risk Institute (FinRisk) in April 2013, several volunteers have been working hard to organize exciting events and make available resources for participants in the FinRisk community.  Our focus is on building the “Future of Risk Management”.  To us, that means focusing on “hot topics” and “building the next generation”.

This inaugural Young Professionals Journal is another key initiative to help us advance these goals.  We have compiled several interesting writings to that end in this inaugural issue.  We hope you will find this publication helpful.  Please do give us your comments and suggestions via email to

Please click HERE or on the cover picture above to read or download this issue of FinRisk Young Professionals Journal.   You may also view individual articles in the issue by clicking on the respective thumbnail pictures below.

We are planning much more this coming year.  We encourage all readers to learn more about this and other FinRisk initiatives at our website:

Steven P. Lee 

Chair, FinRisk Founding Committee


2014 Volume 1 Chapter 12014 Volume 1 Chapter 2

2014 Volume 1 Chapter 32014 Volume 1 Chapter 4

2014 Volume 1 Chapter 52014 Volume 1 Chapter 6

2014 Volume 1 Chapter 72014 Volume 1 Chapter 8

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